Serious organised crime

serious organised crime service

Michael is not a duty solicitor. He is instructed by people in the most serious cases due to his consistently accurate advice and unparalleled client care. Michael has been instructed on matters which have received international press coverage. Michael and his team understand the impact of such grave allegations on his clients and their family. Michael and his team will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that nothing is left to chance.

  • National Crime Agency v R & Others: Operation Venetic: Is one of the world’s largest-ever international policing operation that resulted in the legal ‘hacking’ of the military-grade encrypted ‘EncroChat’ network by French police and shared to partner agencies around the world, including Europol and the National Crime Agency. The EncroChat encryption technology was allegedly used by the worlds most powerful organised crime networks. Instructed on an alleged international Class A drugs conspiracy involving organised
  • R v S – Operation Rolpa: Murder, firearms possession and s18 GBH in relation to a shooting and stabbing that was widely reported in the national press. Prosecution discontinued by the Crown.
  • R v R – Operation Crinse: This police operation involved a police helicopter, a high-speed chase surrounding a surveillance operation against an organised crime gang suspected of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. This matter received press coverage and is ongoing.
  • Police (Special Operations Unit) v EA – Operation Navigate: International Money Laundering conspiracy in relation to a multi-million pound complex investment fraud being investigated by multiple international agencies including Europol. Elements from Hong Kong, Columbia, Belgium, Belize, Spain, Taiwan, Cayman Islands and the UK involved. No further action was taken by the authorities.
  • R v L – Operation Cabrilaa: Conspiracy to supply class A drugs in a multi-handed case. Violent gangs special operations police unit deployed against an alleged organised crime organisation using covert operations and technology to gather specialist intelligence.
  • National Crime Agency v W – Operation Catalonian: Client linked to a worldwide organised cybercrime network using alleged to have blackmailed hundreds of people using cyber ‘sextortion’. Ongoing.
  • R v M – Operation Santa Fe: Involved a conspiracy to attack an individual with acid. Instructed post conviction, this matter is ongoing.
  • R v D & Others – Operation Newlodge: Perverting the Course of Justice linked to a widely reported murder in London. The client was acquitted after a two week trial at the Old Bailey whilst the other co-defendants were imprisoned.
  • R v A & Others: – Operation Portroyal: 5 handed widely reported alleged gang related murder that was widely reported in the national press.
  • R v D & Others – Operation Slade: Conspiracy (8 defendants) to supply class A drugs after a 6 month covert police operation. This case involved cross-boarder serious organised crime.
  • Homicide Squad v F & others – Operation Semley: Alleged organised crime involvement in a multi-handed murder, attempted kidnap, conspiracy to burgle. This case involves multiple forensic experts and is ongoing at the Old Bailey.