We are acutely aware of the the ‘price’ of justice. We offer the broadest funding spectrum on the market to ensure that we can mount the most formidable defence available for you.

Private: We will provide competitive quotes enabling swift, decisive advice for you when you need it most. We go above and beyond for you, as standard.

Crowd Funding: We will introduce you to a complimentary dedicated campaign strategist who will work with you, free of charge, to help amplify your voice to the community. In community, we achieve unity, and in unity, we have strength. We go above and beyond for you, as standard.

Legal Aid: Despite continuous government cuts, legal aid is still available for some people accused of certain criminal allegations. Your case matters to us and we know that our team and barristers we instruct understand that too. We will go above and beyond for you, as standard. 

Click here to download the Legal Aid eligibility tool