What our clients have to say...

"Michael Herford has an outstanding ability to instil complete confidence in even the most difficult of clients. He is utterly dedicated and provides savvy and realistic advice. A street fighter disguised as an amiable and affable gent" Legal 500 2023

"recommended lawyer" Legal 500 2022

“Stand out practitioner’ Michael Herford is the name to note for fraud cases.” Legal 500 2021

“Michael Herford is a truly excellent solicitor: charismatic, energetic and engaging.” Legal 500 2020

"Michael,...MY MAN.....
I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and effort you put into my son's case. Your hard work has made not only a significant impact on my son's life but also on mine. As a parent, I cannot thank you enough.
You have left a great impact on our lives. Your commitment to advocating for my son's legal rights was nothing short of remarkable. The amount of time and physical work you put into the case was outstanding, and I will always be grateful for YOUR TRUST with my issues...
Seeing you in court with that bright smile and reassuring eyes gave me the strength to keep going during a challenging time. You are truly an angel, and your unwavering support has made all the difference. I want to let you know that you have made a significant impact on my life as well, and I am truly thankful for that.
I keep a photo album with precious memories, and you'll be part of my cherished collection. I also want to thank you for the positive impact you have had on my son's life. Your hard work has given him the opportunity to move forward and have a brighter future.
Once again, thank you for being there for us and for making a positive difference in our lives. Know that you will always be in our hearts and thoughts". Client testimonial April 2023

“At a time in my life in which I was truly at my lowest along came my amazing solicitor Michael Herford. He put me at ease straight away and felt passionately about my case. He built an amazing team with Filiz and Katie, and they all did everything they possibly could to defend me. They did exactly that! Without him I don't know where I would be now. Thank you.” Client testimonial February 2023

“I enquired with lots of solicitors when I was seeking help for my partner who had received unprofessional and unfair treatment from his previous lawyer. We had about 24hrs to try and find new representation and Mike was the only one who stepped up to the plate.” Client testimonial August 2022

“A truly amazing solicitor - I asked Michael's help after being left down by my previous solicitors. Since the very beginning Michael showed great kindness, patience and understanding during my many and complex enquiries. The support he provided me was above and beyond anything I had previously received.” Client testimonial August 2022

“Michael and his team acted professionally and with expertise in a very difficult and complexed case. My son got the best outcome he possibly could considering the circumstances. I would highly recommend The Super Team At Your Service !!!!!!!” Client testimonial August 2022

“Coming from an awful experience with a former solicitor, to then changing what firm I was with to then having an individual such as Mike was nothing but a breath of fresh air.” Client testimonial August 2022

“I engaged Michael in a case on behalf of a relative who had committed an offense whilst being mentally unwell. The charges were serious and carried a mandatory prison sentence. Michael, his team and the (his) well chosen barrister were able to argue exceptional circumstances in a Newton case trial, resulting in a non-custodial sentence - a great outcome.
Michael and his colleague, Filiz Ekrem, who also worked the case, demonstrated strong insight and experience, great advocacy, compassion and kindness for the vulnerable defendant throughout the case, which made the whole stressful process so much easier.
I am very happy with having chosen Michael and ... would highly recommend....” Client testimonial May 2022

“I was helped every step of the way great reasurance and would deffinately recomend to anyone who needs their help.” Client testimonial March 2022

“A Great Result. My Solicitor Michael Herford worked very hard for me and was available day and even early evening to update me and got me a great result. Would definitely recommend.” Client testimonial December 2021

“We always use this firm. Fantastic customer service and overall experience from Michael was brilliant. Ensures client is first and is always there to assist with their superb knowledge. We recommend them strongly.” Client testimonial November 2021

“The best of the best! Look no further, Michael will help you get through any situation at any time step by step.” Client testimonial October 2021

“I was charged with the possession of firearms and was represented by Micheal Herford and Filiz Ekrem they are literally the legal avengers. The service felt personal and empathetic; they invested a lot of time in my case - leaving no stone unturned…covering absolutely everything they could to get me the best outcome. The work they put into presenting me and my case resulted in a fine as opposed to 5 year custodial sentence. I cannot recommend Micheal Herford enough!!!” Client testimonial October 2021

“Hey Filiz and Michael just want to thank you for everything you do. Very good result for S today... [Mum] said she has the best legal team, Filiz is an amazing, amazing woman. Michael is the best. They care so much about me and my family. No other solicitors would do that. She also spoke of the barrister who represented S today she said he was wonderful and spoke so well. Mum said that she knows the mothers of the co-defendants and they mentioned how great S's legal team was. They were in awe and couldn’t believe how well S was represented.” Client testimonial July 2021

“My first time of being charged so I was apprehensive and agitated. Talking to my solicitor usually reassured me and helped me to feel less anxious. Their approach was friendly but knowledgeable and I felt they were on my side. Without them justice would not have been done and the appointed barrister was effective and had a good reputation. I would say they have more integrity than many and provide a very good professional service. I would recommend them.” Client testimonial June 2021

“Micheal is a truly amazing and extremely caring solicitor. I called him a few days ago and l was in extremely distressed state due to worrying about my arrest last year on an assault charge... Over a year later the police are still investigating and this not knowing what is going to happen to me has had a very negative impact on my already fragile mental health. Michael calmly explained to me in layman’s terms exactly what the process was and reassured me that he would fight for me every step of the way. Without Michael's professionalism and kindness and non-judgemental attitude l can truly say that Michael has saved me from having another mental breakdown. l wholeheartedly recommend Michael he is truly one of a kind l don’t know what l would have done without his help.” Client testimonial June 2021

“Great representation. I was represented twice by Legal Lifelines after the false allegations by my ex wife. In both instances, no further action was taken.” Client testimonial May 2021

“Please allow me to start from the beginning.

I was reading an article that rocked the world and that was sadly the murder of George Floyd.

What happened to this gentleman was nothing new to the black community but out of bad sometimes there comes good.

At the end of the article on Mr Floyd I stumbled upon a separate article in the Newham Recorder about an East Ham lawyer and his app Legal Lifelines. I wasn't looking for it but I thank God that I found it.

Prior to me calling you Michael on the 25th of November 2021, my sons had been stopped, searched, humiliated countless times to where we actually lost count. Suffice to say one of these times times Sulaiman was stopped, handcuffed and searched on 4 separate occasions in one day. It got so bad that he literally did not want to leave the house.

By the time I spoke to you I was at my wits end and I could not stop my outpouring and the phone call saw me in tears.

This is where you have all touched my heart. Let me break it down...I called Michael at 11.46am on the 25th November. Michael, you responded at 11.51am. As reassuring as the conversation was, you didn't realise that you didn't have to say anything because Legal Lifelines already had me believing in them at 11.51am... for that I thank you.

Filiz our conversations gave me knowledge, understanding and above all strength and courage. As a mother you know the joy and worry of having a child of colour. Keeping me abreast of the nature of Sulaiman's case in such a way that was easy to understand and your reassurance.. for that I thank you.

Mr Sneddon, Sulaiman told me that you came to Court looking like you took no prisoners. "Mum he didn't mess around. He came looking like he meant business. I don't know but when I saw him I just thought yeah I don't have nothing to worry about." For that I thank you.

The fact that you both called me after the case was binned Sulaiman's smile is genuine and it also a testimony of your client care and commitment...for that, I thank you.

You have empowered us as a family and we wish you all at Legal Lifelines the very best and the means to go from strength to strength.

Don't ever lose your compassion. It is a beacon. Because of it, you definitely stand out and I am so glad that I saw it.” Client testimonial February 2021.

"Michael was exceptional throughout the process. He kept me informed and answered any questions I had. He was very reassuring and down to earth. I would highly recommend. Thank you Micheal." Client testimonial April 2021

"From the very first conversation with Mr Herford to the last conversation. I have been treated and kept in the loop with everything as best as humanly possible, with a level of care and detail I did not know existed. I am 100% delighted to say that there are genuine people who want to do right by you and give you all the support you need." Client testimonial February 2021

"I have been fighting a case for three years and from day one I met Michael you could sense he genuinely cares for you as an individual not just a ‘client’. He always kept me updated and checked regularly on my mental well-being. Honestly feel like I have gained a friend, I was facing quite a challenging situation however the [Legal Lifelines] team rose to the occasion TWICE and done a fantastic job in the courts. I’m very convinced if anyone else had handled this case I wouldn’t have my freedom writing this now. His team were experienced in a variety of situations and fought rigorously to get the best outcome in the interest of their client. Words simply couldn’t show my complete appreciation of the [Legal Lifelines] !" Client testimonial February 2021

"First class service. Choosing Michael as my solicitor is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is calm, charismatic, respectful, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and provided me with excellent advice and support. I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about with Michael by my side. He conducts himself with professionalism, integrity and shows strong ethical principles and values such as honesty, honor, dependability and trustworthiness. The service I received was beyond brilliant, it was exceptional. I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of having Michael represent me. He is absolutely the best and I would highly recommend him to everyone. The service I received was personable, with excellent communication throughout and just such a stress free, smooth process. He definitely lives up to his reputation. I just want to say thank you so much Michael for going above and beyond, you really don’t know how much I appreciate everything you did for me. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Honestly could go on and on all day about my excellent experience. So refreshing to meet someone so tenacious, diligent, gracious, polite and resplendent as Michael. Thank you Michael, I appreciate everything you have done for me. I wish you all the best for the future." Client testimonial December 2020

“Fantastic service for my son. Always goes above and beyond. Thank you Michael." Client testimonial November 2020

“From the first enquiry to a successful outcome on 2 cases for me, [Legal Lifelines] were exceptional. Totally progression and friendly at the same time. I would recommend them to anyone. I am a Vegan Animal Rights Activist and they supported me totally all the way. Many thanks to Michael… and especially my personal solicitor Feliz Ekrim who was amazing and kept me updated on everything.” Client testimonial October 2020

"Amazing service... Michael has been working with me for the last two years through my case and I’m glad to say it’s all over now and it worked out really well thanks to Michael and his team. He was always at the end of the phone or email if I needed him and full of support, if I ever needed help in the future there would be only one person I would contact, Michael Herford."Client testimonial October 2020

“Just a brief writing, literally perfect with no stress helped with not only my case but also to other family members. Very easy to communicate with especially in the circumstance I was in. Highly recommended thank you.” Client testimonial October 2020

“Great team, very supportive, they keep your mind at rest and let you know the whole facts. Highly recommended. Many thanks.” Client testimonial August 2020

“Michael represented my son Scott as his solicitor and I must say how fantastic he was. He helped Scott above what was expected of him right through till his final court hearing. I spoke to Michael many times and on behalf of all my family thank him for all he done for Scott. I was very pleased with everything.” Client testimonial August 2020

“Not all heroes wear capes! Michael is one of the most remarkable professionals I have ever met. His guidance and sound legal advice has made an extremely difficult time easier. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Herford. He is my guardian angel.” Client testimonial July 2020

“[A] Joy to work with [I] Genuinely don’t have enough good things to say about Michael. He was the consummate professional, incredibly accurate, efficient and effective. He made you feel as though he would do anything to help you in your case and go above and beyond which he absolutely did. He is a true gent and I couldn’t recommend him more.” Client testimonial July 2020

“Michael is one of those solicitors that is an absolute example of the integrity of his profession. A compassionate, level headed and fastidious professional, Michael was without doubt the linchpin of my success as well as my mental health. On top of it all, he's also a genuinely nice guy. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough.” Client testimonial July 2020

"Mike is a model legal professional with a very professional and personal approach in very distressing circumstances. His advice helped me understand the process that one would go through, he explained my rights and what potential outcomes was possible. Would recommend to anyone needing legal advice or representation." Client testimonial June 2020

“Highly recommend his services, great communication throughout the whole process, friendly and approachable, overall professional first class service.. case was completely dismissed as he left no stone unturned.. would also like to thank him for everything.. most definitely would use Michael again if needed.” Client testimonial June 2020

“Had an issue which ended up being dropped but the advice, help and understanding from those [Michael] I spoke to and was working on my behalf was amazing, very grateful for all the help and advice and if ever in need of help again I will for sure be contacting them again.” Client testimonial June 2020

"A truly great solicitor during a worrying time. My subject sums up my position, Michael Herford kept it real. He gave me the correct information I needed while adding his experience. I'd highly recommend Mike." Client testimonial May 2020

"The solicitor who handled my matter, Michael Herford, was excellent. He was professional, knowledgeable and proactive throughout all aspects of my case." Client testimonial April 2020

"Amazing service from beginning to end. They treated me like a human being, and trod the line between professionalism and humanity incredibly well. I can’t thank them enough for their support, and I would definitely recommend Michael Herford… to help with legal needs. Thank you all." Client testimonial February 2020

"Mr Michael Herford provided my brother with great legal assistance during what was a very worrying time for our family. He is an incredibly knowledgeable, hardworking and trustworthy solicitor and I felt as though he was doing everything possible to help my brother successfully defend his case. He always replied to me efficiently and never hesitated in answering my phone calls. My brother always looked forward to his legal visits with Michael, as they made him feel optimistic about his case. Michael was very good at making my brother feel at ease and I will always be grateful to him for that. I thank him... for all the work they did, and I know Liridon would say the same. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of legal assistance as I know you go above and beyond to defend your clients." Client testimonial February 2020

“Everything was dealt with efficiently and professionally. My lawyer made me have a full understanding of my case and had me at ease throughout. I appreciate all the help and support he put into my case. To be honest, I could not ask for anyone better to handle my case. Thank you.” Client testimonial January 2020

"The service my family received was outstanding!! He was always at the end of the phone when needed. Went out of his way to meet face to face. Would 100% recommend. Thank you so much for your service." Client testimonial November 2019

“[My]Solicitor was extremely diligent. He came across as an individual full of energy, confidence, very knowledgeable, very polite, approachable and ultimately a person one can trust to legally defend oneself. [A] person one feels would do everything possible to mitigate the magnitude of your case. I would highly recommend Michael as a solicitor to anyone.” Client testimonial November 2019

“Michael was my absolute hero at a very worrying time. Always at the end of the phone, he went above and beyond.” Client testimonial October 2019

“A very undisputed excellent and professional solicitor. Michael is one of the nicest people I have ever come across in my entire life. He handled my case and gave self explanatory advice both on paper and in phone conversation. I will give ***** stars. Thanks for your excellent service!” Client testimonial August 2019

“Michael Herford was the perfect representation that I could have asked for. He kept me updated every step of the way and reassured me when I needed it. He also spotted things that other solicitors had missed and I would not have been in the situation that I am now [case dismissed], without him.” Client testimonial August 2019

“Michael Herford, represented me and he is absolutely brilliant. He is a great professional. Great customer service. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for been there and for going the extra mile for me.” Client testimonial July 2019

“I would like to say thank you to Michael Herford for his amazing service. I cannot put it into words of how smooth he is and how much pride and passion he has in his field!!. Thanks star!” Client testimonial July 2019

“I cannot tell you grateful I am to Michael Herford for resolving my case. From the beginning to the end I knew I was dealing with a smart and intelligent solicitor from a reputable company that knew what he was doing and wasn’t going to promise more than he could deliver, which was a lot. Client care was amazing, I felt reassured all the way through a very difficult case that required somebody experienced to tell me everything would be ok at times when I doubted the outcome. I valued the directness and no-nonsense approach and feel like my money was well spent. I would highly recommend Michael for his kindness and generosity as well as sharp legal acumen and ability to write compelling letters. You are in safe hands.” Client testimonial June 2019

”I was absolutely overwhelmed with the support and precision Michael Herford provided. Utter perfection!” Client testimonial May 2019

“Mr Michael Herford was excellent from the very beginning. Whilst other solicitors didn’t seem to take the case seriously, he understood the impact and the implication it had on me, my professional career and my family. He went well beyond what I would have expected from a solicitor, guiding me through every step, being responsive and compassionate and, first of all, very professional. One could see he does a job that is also his passion, and he does it very well! You are in good hands if he’s dealing with your case.” Client testimonial March 2019

“The service I received from Michael was exceptional. My solicitor was more like a mother to me, during this stressful time, and I don’t think I would have made it through if it was not for his constant support. He was always on hand to talk, and if not he always returned my calls. 5 stars for going above and beyond duty. Thank you!” Client testimonial March 2019

”I would highly recommend Michael Herford. He was reliable, professional, efficient and reasonably priced. He left no stone unturned. He answered emails promptly and always returned my calls. He took the time to explain the process to me and guided me through every step. His instincts/experience where 100% correct and I felt confident in following his advice. Even if we lost I would write the same review, Outstanding’!” Client testimonial February 2019

”Michael was great and very helpful. Many thanks for all your help and support.” Client testimonial January 2019

”The service was excellent. Michael Herford was the solicitor who represented and he was superb from the very first phone call, everything was handled superbly and with extreme professionalism. As a client he made me feel important and treated my case as very important even though I am sure he has much bigger cases to handle. His attendance at the Police station for my interview was exceptional and he made me feel comfortable and at ease facing a situation I had never faced before. The outcome was as he predicted and his contribution to my mental state while investigating was legendary. I will always recommend Michael to any friend or colleague who could encounter something similar. A HUGE THANK YOU TO MICHAEL.” Client testimonial January 2019

”On behalf of me and my family I thank Michael Herford for the support he has given me during this difficult time which has also allowed me to come to terms with some personal issues. We praise you for the compassion and empathy you have shown, we hope that this continued level of commitment provides great success within your career.” Client testimonial January 2019

“We contacted Michael Herford and he saw me with my son the next day. Very responsive and professional. He was also able to calm my 16 year old son down which was not an easy task. Very happy with the service.” Client testimonial November 2018

“I would like to thank Michael Herford for his amazing help and support in dealing with my case. He did an amazing job for me and I have no doubt that the outcome of the case would have been totally different had we not used his services. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone.” Client testimonial September 2018

“Listened to the needs of the client and did a top service – couldn’t get any better. Mike and the team cannot be faulted.” Client testimonial September 2018

“I can’t thank you enough Mr Michael Herford for all you did for me, you worked so hard and gave the very best advice throughout my case. Michael was quick, efficient and knowledgeable as well as always being professional, easy to talk to, approachable and friendly. I felt like Michael had my best interests at heart rather than someone who was being dealt with just to bring in a fee. I will recommend him to other friends for any issues in the future.” Client testimonial September 2018

"Michael Herford is an amazing person the best not in [the] UK but in the world, thank you Sir Michael." Client testimonial September 2018

“One good turn deserves another! Really and truly, the service that I received from Mr Michael Herford was without any shred of the doubt the best, right through the processes, including the interview under caution on the “D” day. It was worthwhile working with Michael and also knowing that he is naturally intelligent and an accommodating young man. I would also like to reiterate that, since the world is obviously full of violence and injustices, the world too needs someone like Michael Herford because he is more than capable to make a difference in our mundane world as it was in my case. I will really and truly recommend [Michael] to any potential clients that are in dire need of a thoroughbred law firm.” Client testimonial August 2018

“Excellent service from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this service to everybody. Michael was excellent, thanks for all your help.” Client testimonial August 2018

“My solicitor Michael Herford provided me with an exceptional standard of professional support and help recently. He went above and beyond to ensure I receive the best possible outcome in my case. Michael really took the stress off me at this very difficult time. He advised and guided me through the whole process with empathy and compassion. All communication was clear and he always responded promptly to any concerns I had. Also kept me constantly updated which was very reassuring. Thanks to his expertise, patience and diligence we achieved a very positive outcome in my case. I am incredibly grateful to him and can honestly say I could not have asked for a better solicitor.” Client testimonial April 2018

“From the first time I spoke with Michael Herford, he made me feel so at ease. He was extremely friendly and I had no issue with approaching him during the entire length of the process , he always made me feel that my case mattered and he was happy to help. Michael did a very good job communicating with me and explaining the details of the case and possible outcomes and always provided me with regular updates. He had so much patience and I never left a conversation feeling confused. Michael did his very best to be on top of things, even when the case took place over the Christmas and New year holidays. It was his priority to keep things moving and get the best result. I was extremely happy to have Michael representing me and I would definitely recommend them as I was so happy with their service and got the result I wanted.” Client testimonial February 2018

“My solicitor Michael Herford was excellent. He was very professional and accessible throughout the case and was very helpful and reassuring from the start at a very stressful time after allegations from my previous business partner...I am very pleased with the outcome...and especially Michael, I could not have asked for a better solicitor to represent me.” Client testimonial February 2018

”The service from Michael Herford was outstanding in every aspect.” Client testimonial November 2017

“From the very beginning to the end, my solicitor Michael Herford has been very professional, understanding, hardworking and helpful. He has gone extra miles to make our case stand out. His support has been very useful in our difficult period and we knew that we could count on him.” Client testimonial November 2017

“My solicitor was Michael Herford. I felt he went above and beyond. He is a brilliant solicitor who is very good at what he does. I must say, I’ve been very happy with the services provided by Michael.” Client testimonial November 2017

“Michael Herford- Top solicitor!” Client testimonial October 2017

“Very, very happy with the service. Easy access to a Solicitor. Swift response and advice to any query or concerns I may have. Able to contact Michael when needed with any concerns I may have. Would definitely recommend to family and friends who are in need of a solicitor. Would gladly use [Michael] again without any hesitation on my part.” Client testimonial October 2017

“Thank you so much Michael. You’ve more than exceeded my expectations, I really appreciate all your time and effort in fighting for me. I can say that Michael was the only one that listened to me when no one cared about my situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael.” Client Testimonial September 2017

“Highly committed, reliable and on top of that a perfectionist on giving legal advice! Thank you Michael for your service.” Client Testimonial June 2017

“Top solicitor- very on the ball – felt in safe hands.” Client Testimonial April 2017

“Michael Herford made me feel so comfortable from our first chat over the phone and when we met in person I knew I had made the right decision. On the day of the court Michael proved my innocence and I was found not guilty, all charges were dropped and justice happened. In my opinion Michael Herford was my angel, who helped the truth to come out.” Client Testimonial March 2017