Filiz Ekrem

Filiz Ekrem black and gold
Filiz Ekrem


Filiz has been working in the field of criminal defence for 20 years, now specialising in defending clients at the police station. Filiz has a wealth of experience in serious and complex crime and regularly represents clients who have been arrested on suspicion of murder, serious assaults, drugs offences, gang-related crime, sexual offences and Terrorism related offences. Her attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the law means that Filiz is able to provide her clients with excellent and considered legal advice during what is the most crucial part of the police investigation.

Filiz is extremely personable and takes the time necessary to get to know her clients, supporting and advising them when they are at their most vulnerable or find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Filiz also has experience in taking action against the police for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution and deaths in custody.

Filiz goes above and beyond, as standard.


Filiz is described by her colleagues and peers as one of the best police station representatives in the profession.

Filiz also has a keen desire to promote social justice and effect change for the good of society and for all communities, but especially the BAME communities who are still disproportionately affected by the system.

"Filiz is a phenomenal lawyer. She always delivers the best possible results for our clients with the best client care possible. If one of my family members were to be investigated by the police and I could not attend, I would instruct Filiz without question. Filiz is simply brilliant!" Michael Herford, Founder of Legal LifeLines