Audrey Lee

Audrey Lee


Audrey is a results-driven lawyer with broad experience ranging from Criminal Law and Public Law to Commercial Disputes and GDPR. She is particularly interested in Human Rights, Criminal Defence, and Regulatory Compliance work, and is adept at helping her clients navigate complex legal frameworks and regulatory regimes.

Audrey is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. She has prior experience of working with reputable UK law firms and was previously an independent barrister at the Bar of Northern Ireland, specialising in Criminal Defence. Her international experience includes working at a fast-paced Corporate law firm in Singapore, and later at a leading Human Rights law firm in Malaysia. Whether the client has experienced financial challenges or torture in police custody, be it a divorce or judicial review case, Audrey shows absolute dedication to all clients and frequently goes the extra mile in providing legal representation.

Audrey goes above and beyond, as standard.


Audrey takes pride in her work and has been commended by lawyers and judges on the quality of her research and drafting work in particular. She has been requested to assist in several complex cross-border matters, including analysing issues in international investigations concerning fraud, company, tax, and trust laws; addressing licensing queries in the weapons and transport industries; and navigating UK and Republic of Ireland laws on terrorism and international conventions on mutual assistance.

Outside her legal practice, Audrey is keen to promote access to justice and champion diversity and inclusion. She previously volunteered with Citizens Advice Bureau and collaborated with NGOs in their campaigns and projects.